What Are The Different Types Of Self-Awareness? 005

Two Types Of Self-Awareness

According to psychologists, there are two types of self-awareness:

  • Private self-awareness
  • Public self-awareness.

Private Self-awareness

This is being aware of some personal feeling or emotion which is private such as:

  • Feeling sick before an exam.
  • Being excited before going on a date.

Usually, only close family and friends are aware of some of your private self.

Public Self-awareness

This is being aware of how you appear to others. This is important for leaders as they are often the centre of attention. Leaders must display the best example of expected behaviour. Even when this may not be their true personality.


Think about a good leader you know. Who do you recognize as being a good leader? Why are they a good leader? What do they do that makes them a good leader?

Identify the behaviours Demonstrated by a “good leader” including:

  • Actions
  • Values
  • Attitudes.

Think about the factors that have influenced and shaped you as an individual.

  • What are your values?
  • Where do they come from?

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