The Great Reset – All You Wish You Didn’t Know

the great resetThe Great Reset “You’ll own nothing and be happy”

The Great Reset is an initiative developed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) which is controlled by an unelected CEO and board of directors, mega-corporations and to a lesser extent some government representatives. The aim is to rebuild the global economy in a more ‘sustainable way’ in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will address the economic, environmental, and social challenges facing the world by calling for a reset of capitalism leading to a more equitable and sustainable form of globalization. Some describe it as a positive step towards a more sustainable future, while others view it as a method of replacing the current system with authoritarianism.

Why Is A ‘Reset’ Needed?

The current focus on corporate greed and maximizing shareholder value has resulted in income inequality, resource depletion, and climate change among others. The elite few that have gained the greatest from capitalism now wish to force upon us a reset of the current system to take into account the interests of all stakeholders, including employees, customers, and the wider community. They claim that this will require changing current business models to prioritize social and environmental outcomes. It will also require an increased role of government and civil society in guiding the direction of the economy. Leading to the possibility of government (capitalist) control over all our (the non-super rich) finances and current freedoms.

How Can Capitalism Be Reset?

Reforming capitalism is a complex process involving various economic, social, and political factors. Some suggest that change can be achieved through policies such as:

  • Increased investment in social and environmental initiatives
  • Increased corporate social responsibility
  • Stronger government regulation of business practices.

Others believe that more fundamental changes are needed, such as:

  • Reducing income inequality
  • Restructuring the financial system
  • Promoting worker ownership and participation in decision-making.

When Will ‘The Great Reset’ Happen?

The Great Reset is an ongoing initiative, not a singular event or moment in time.  Some aspects of the Great Reset have already been implemented and it is expected to continue for several years as stakeholders (the unelected super-rich and mega-corporations) work towards a more equitable and sustainable global economy.

What Are The Dangers?

Some argue that will lead to increased government control of the economy and a loss of individual freedoms. Others express concerns that it could lead to further economic inequality if benefits are not distributed fairly. Some have also suggested that the Great Reset is just a sinister plot by world elites to establish global authoritarianism. Ultimately, as with any major economic or social change, there are risks and potential downsides that need to be carefully considered and addressed.

You’ll own nothing and be happy.

The phrase “You’ll own nothing and be happy” has been used in discussions related to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and the concept of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” This is a concept being discussed by various non-elected individuals and organizations. The idea is that people do not need as many physical possessions to be happy and will gain greater satisfaction from experiences, relationships, and personal growth. However, it is argued that it does not take into account issues related to income inequality and other socioeconomic factors that contribute to happiness. 

Will you be happier with less?

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