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Business Law

Introduction to Business Law for Students and Business People. Cover the essentials of Business Law by breaking down the jargon into small easy to understand sections.

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Business Operations

Essential business notes from Leadership to Entrepreneurship to Ethics for students and leaders alike. All with clear explanations and links to useful resources.

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Clever Leadership Series covering all the essential elements of leadership from small teams to global businesses. Short and to the point, designed for students and practicing leaders.

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capacity to contract

Capacity To Contract – Contract Law

Contract Law Capacity To Contract The Main Elements Of A Legally Enforceable Contract The Offer Acceptance Intent Capacity Consent Consideration Legality Performance. Clever Content What does ‘Capacity’ to contract mean? […]

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Contract Law – Introduction

Contract Law – Introduction What is a contract? Clever Content Contract Law Introduction What Is A Contract? Types Of Contract. The Main Elements Of A Legally Enforceable Contract? Contract Law […]

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