Motivation – Encouraging The Heart

What is encouraging the heart?

Today’s workplace is constantly changing. It can be difficult to keep up and sometimes it is easier to succumb to being tired, disheartened, and de-motivated. Encouraging the heart is a leadership behavior. It shows that as a leader, you care. It shows that you believe in your team and that each team member matters.

How does encouraging the heart work?

A positive and supportive workplace increases the generation of new ideas and improves productivity, sharing and cooperation. This action increases the overall enthusiasm commitment and job satisfaction within the company. Stress levels are reduced and illness and related costs also drop. Leading by encouraging the heart has a positive impact on all areas of the company.

5 Ways To Encourage Your Heart

1. Set Clear Goals

People need to know what they need to achieve to be able to gain a sense of satisfaction for a job well done. A Clever leader must set clear, achievable goals and the standards expected to achieve them. These must apply to each person on the team. Without any clear goals, your team does not have anything to aim for and will not be able to define success when it is achieved.

2. Praise people for a job well done

Now that you have clear goals and expectations, you can praise members of your team every time they achieve them. Always being positive and encouraging, sets the scene for others to follow. You must focus your language so that you maintain a positive view of things even when they are not going as expected. Remember to concentrate on what ‘will’ work rather than what ‘won’t’ work.

3. Celebrate small wins

Meaningful progress must be encouraged and the best way to do this is to recognize progress when it happens. Celebrating the small wins helps your team to recognize positive progress and encourages people to keep going.

4. Let people know about your confidence in their abilities

We all experience different levels of self-confidence. You must watch out for a drop in self-confidence in any of your team members and provide the support and encouragement they need to feel more confident. By doing this team members will know that as a leader, you have their back and are willing to provide support and encouragement when it is needed. This will help to develop trust and deepen a positive working relationship.

5. Recognize people for their contributions to the success of the project

This is an important part of encouraging the heart and motivating people to complete their work to a high standard. It gives them a reason to keep up the good work and can help to influence others to improve their performance.

Recognizing good team performance helps to improve the working relations within the team and often results in higher performance. Team motivation through increased team spirit can help to improve the overall productivity of a team.

It doesn’t have to cost much, some team members are happy with a simple “thank you” or “well done” may be enough but if this is all that is needed then make the praise specific. “Thank you for getting this in on time” or “well done, I like how you guided and supported them through that”. It highlights to the individual and others in the team what you value and what you expect from others as well as ‘encourages the heart’.

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