What Is Leadership?

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What Is Leadership?

Who Is A Leader?

What Is Leadership?

Leadership is often a contested subject. MakeMeClever.com has taken the time to look into the various views and give to you a Clever summary.

Leadership is a process of social influence.

The influence part of this statement is important as a leader needs to be able to influence others to follow them or to help support their vision.

Leaders must be able to maximize the efforts of others.

Having the ability to 'maximize the efforts of others means that as a leader you can get more things done. It means that the greater number of followers you have the more you can achieve. This is because a good leader is able to 'influence' others to put their 'effort' into achieving what the leaders wants.

Leaders must be able to create a common vision.

If a leader has a direction they want to go in, or a long term aim and are able to influence others into maximizing their efforts towards achieving that common goal then they are a great leader. It is important to note here that this is a 'common' goal which followers should be working towards, as opposed to a 'personal goal' which may not always be in harmony with that of the companies.

So there you have it. A Clever and short amalgam of various theories and assessments of what leadership is. It is now very easy to identify the various traits which would make up this type of Leader.

(Trait: a particular characteristic that can produce a particular type of behaviour) https://dictionary.cambridge.org/

Who Is A Leader?

A leader is someone who can achieve the above. I.e. It is a person who can influence others to achieve a common goal.

But, we have to be careful here as this may mean that anyone with a big stick which can be used to 'influence others' to do something is a leader. This is not a true leader. Threats of losing a job or getting demoted etc are the threats of a 'bully' and not the actions of a leader.

As we continue with or Clever Leader theme we will go into more depth about what makes a 'great' leader in our next articles...

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