Leadership Values and Principles

Leadership Series 006

Practical application of the leadership skills covered in the previous sections will help you improve your leadership skills and develop your team for success.

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Clever Leaders must be:

  • Aware of their own values, principles, and assumptions
  • Able to learn from experiences
  • Able to understand how the views of others may differ from their own
  • Able to identify their strengths and limitations.

Clever leaders must understand:

  • The impact of their behaviour on others
  • The effect of stress on their own behaviour
  • Their own emotions and biases
  • How these affect their judgement and behaviour.

Clever leaders are able to:

  • Identify their own strengths and limitations
  • Identify their emotions and prejudices
  • Obtain, analyse and act on feedback from a variety of sources.

The practical application of leadership requires leaders to:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Understand how they impact others, their feelings, motivations and lives
  • Concentrate on developing self, teams and the organization
  • Think systematically and logically
  • Set organizational values and motivation Focus on future trends and external relations.

Clever Video 13.09

Recommended External Video 4:47 

Leadership Values and how to build them.