Is meat killing you

Pretty in Pink?

That pretty pink colour of your fine slice of ham isn't natural at all. It is created by sodium nitrite (E250) which is injected into your processed meat to add flavour and to make it 'look' good. The only problem is that sodium nitrite is linked to Colorectal Cancer (CRC), or bowel cancer which is now the 2nd most deadly cancer in developed countries.

The nitrites improve the flavour and aroma of the meat as well as give it the red-pinkish look of fresh meat we all look for. If it was not for E250 your meat would be the grey colour it should be. It is also claimed to prevent the risk of bacterial contamination of the cured meat including Botulism.

The UK Food Guide states the use of Nitrite (E250) as:

Sodium Nitrite (NaNO2) is a food additive that gives cured meats, such as ham, bacon, hot dogs, frankfurters, smoked fish and corned beef, their characteristic red colour and flavour, it inhibits the growth of bacterial spores that cause Botulism... Source:

Convincing Associations

Oncology News states that: "Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer in men and the second in women worldwide. More than half of cases occur in more developed countries. The consumption of red meat (beef, pork, lamb, veal, mutton) is high in developed countries and accumulated evidence until today demonstrated a convincing association between the intake of red meat and especially processed meat and CRC risk". Source:

Call For EU Ban - Rejected

In January 2019 the UK government called on the EU to end the use of nitrogen salts (E249, E250, E251, E252) in processed meats (UECBV Ref: 14772) France also called for a ban due to the 'known risks' of this additive.

Althought the preservative E250 is already banned in Norway, Sweden, Canada and, parts of Germany the European Commission shied away from a EU ban and colorectal cancer still retains its position as the 2nd most deadly cancer in 'developed' countries (coincidentally, the countries where the most processed foods are consumed).

One of the reasons for the continued use of Sodium Nitrite in the EU was that shoppers will not want to buy the more natural 'greyish coloured  meat'.

Watch out for E249, E250, E251, E252 and stop dying for your food.

We suggest a 'Clever notice' be enforced similar to those on cigarette packets:

'This meat causes cancer' 

What do you think?

See our Clever video explanation on YouTube:

Further reading:

Relief for organic meat industry as EC calls off nitrate ban

 By Ben Bouckley

Major players in Europe’s organic meat industry have expressed relief after the European Commission (EC) chose not to ban the use of nitrates and nitrites for curing products.


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