Freedom Of Speech – Why it’s so Important.

What Is Freedom Of Speech?

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right crucial for a functioning democracy. It allows individuals to express their opinions, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs openly, without fear of censorship or punishment. It is vital for promoting innovation, progress, and social change by providing a platform for individuals to voice their dissent, and push for societal improvement.

Freedom of speech is closely linked to other fundamental rights such as freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly.

Without freedom of speech, the ability to criticize government policies or advocate for change would be severely restricted, and this could undermine the very foundation of democracy.

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An Open and Fair Society

All people should have the right to say what they think, to share information, and demand a better world. They must be able to agree or disagree with those in power, and to express opinions in peaceful protests, without fear of unlawful interference. This is central to living in an open and fair society; one in which people can access justice and enjoy their human rights. Amnesty International.


Freedom of speech does come with some limitations. Individuals must respect the rights and dignity of others with Governments placing restrictions on:

  • Hate speech
  • Incitement to violence
  • Defamation
  • National security
  • Public safety
  • Individual privacy.

Erosion Of Rights to Free Speech

Despite most countries’ constitutions referring to the value of ‘free speech’, an increasing number of governments around the world, routinely imprison people for speaking out. Many governments are abusing their authority to silence dissent by passing laws criminalizing freedom of expression. Counterterrorism and national security are often cited as the reason for increasing restrictions including silencing activists and NGOs.

Governments are generally less likely to tolerate unfavorable views or critical voices, closing their doors on access to public information and intellectual debate. The reason for this is unclear but is a good indication of how governments treat human rights generally.


Freedom of speech is essential for individual autonomy, democratic deliberation, and social progress. It is important that our rights to free speech are protected, so we are able to continue to participate in the democratic process and hold those in power accountable for their actions.

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