10 leadership traits

10 Essential Leadership Traits

Clever Content What is a trait? What are the 10 essential leadership Traits? Leadership traits explained. What is a trait? According to merriam-webster.com a trait is: A distinguishing quality (as of personal character). What are the 10 essential leadership traits? Effective communicator Have vision Be creative Take calculated risks Self-motivated and motivator of others Confident […]

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can leadership be learned

Can Leadership Be Learned?

Can Leadership Be Learned? Clever Content Introduction Leadership Questions Experience Self Reflection. Introduction People often find themselves in a leadership position without having any formal training. This may be due to the situation, the availability of suitable others or because of a persons’ experience or expertise in a certain area. What taking on this role, […]

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5 powers of a leader

5 Sources Of Leadership Power

Clever Content What is leadership Power? What are the 5 Sources of Power? The 5 Sources of power. What Is Leadership Power? This is the influence that a leader has over their followers. It is their ability to get others to support their vision. The ability of a leader to influence others is essential for their success. […]

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leadership v management

Leadership v Management

The Difference Between Managers And Leaders 002 Clever Leadership Series (This Clever article) 001 Clever Leadership Series Introduction Clever Content What is leadership? (Recap) Leadership V’s Management Who is a manager? Who is a leader? 3 Differences between managers and leaders. Measuring Performance Leadership overview. Leadership / Management similarities. What is Leadership? Leadership is a […]

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leadership introduction

Leadership Introduction – Clever Leadership Series

Clever Leadership Series Introduction Our Clever Leadership Series gives essential information for Business Students at all levels, aspiring Clever Leaders and Leaders who want to refresh and review their performance and even add something new. We will take you through the main points of Leadership, theories, traits, styles and how you can be a Clever Leader. […]

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staff development

Staff Development – Maximize your returns in 4 Clever steps

Staff Development Maximize your returns in 4 Clever steps Clever Content Common responses to staff development A changing world A Clever motivation lesson 4 Clever steps to maximise your staff development returns. Common responses to staff development  “Education is expensive” “I lose work hours while they are on courses” “I pay for one and they […]

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ethics and CSR

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility – Leadership

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Clever Content What is ethics? What is business ethics or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Why is business ethics important? What are ethical questions based on? The 6 codes of business ethics How to create an ethical work culture. What is ethics? Ethics comes from the Greek word ‘ethos’ which means […]

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encourage the heart

Motivation – Encouraging The Heart

Motivation – Encouraging The Heart Clever Content What is encouraging the heart? How does encouraging the heart work? 5 ways to encourage the heart. Also see the Clever article: The 4 Sources Of Motivation What is encouraging the heart? Today’s workplace is constantly changing. It can be difficult to keep up and sometimes it is […]

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Motivation – 4 Sources Of Motivation For Clever People

Motivation – 4 Sources Of Motivation For Clever People Clever Content Why is understanding motivation important? What is motivation? What are the 4 main sources of motivation? Extrinsic Intrinsic Introjected Identified What to watch out for Amotivation Why is understanding motivation important? Understanding motivation is important in every part of your life. Finding the right […]

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