Negligence – The 5 Elements You Need to win Your Claim

Clever Content What is negligence? Duty of care Examples of negligence The 5 elements required to prove negligence The Burden of Proof What is negligence? The legal definition of negligence is ‘The failure to give someone or something enough care or attention’ Basically, negligence occurs when a person unintentionally fails to take proper care […]

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Warranties and guarantees

Guarantee and Warranty – What Is The Difference?

Guarantee and Warranty – What is the difference? Also see our Clever Article: Warranties – Sales of goods Clever Content What is a Warranty or Guarantee? What is a warranty? Express warranties Implied warranties. What is a guarantee? What is the difference between a guarantee and a warranty? Money back guarantees. Obvious exaggeration; What is […]

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Property Law

Property Law – Clever Introduction

Property Law – Introduction Clever Content What is property? Tangible Intangible property. What are the 2 main classifications of property? Real Property Fixtures and fittings Personal Property What are Chattels? Wasting Chattels Non-wasting chattels Can people be property? What is ownership? Who is the ‘owner’ of property? What is mislaid property? What is lost property? […]

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Warranties – Sales of Goods

Warranties – Sales of Goods Clever Content What is a warranty? What are the two types of warranty? Express warranty Implied warranty The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. What is a warranty? A warranty is a type of guarantee that a manufacturer makes about the quality and condition of its product. It gives the details for repairs […]

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Consumer Protection Act

Sales Of Goods – Consumer Protection Act (UK)

Business Law – Sale Of Goods Consumer Protection Act (UK) Clever Content What does ‘sale of goods’ mean? What are ‘goods’? What are the three main types of goods? The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (UK). The Consumer Protection Act (UK). What is a ‘defect’? Liability for defective products. Defence against claims. What does ‘sale […]

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illegal contracts

Illegal Contracts – Clever Contract Law

Illegal Contracts – Contract Law Clever Content What is an illegal contract? Illegal Contracts – Enforcement What are contracts ‘contrary to public policy’? Illegal Contracts – Special Situations. What is an illegal contract? An “illegal contract” is a contract that is based on or relates to an illegal purpose that violates the law. The contract […]

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Shopkeepers privilege

Shopkeepers Privilege Explained – Business Law

Clever Business Law Shopkeeper’s Privilege Clever Content Words you need to know What is shopkeepers privilege? Rules for detaining a suspected shoplifter Reasonable Grounds / Probable Cause explained. Words you need to know Probable Cause: Evidence which leads to a reasonable belief that a person has committed or will commit a crime. Confine / confinement: […]

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assault and battery

Assault and Battery – The Main Differences

Assault and Battery Clever Content Legal terms you need to know What is assault? What is battery? Common defences. Legal terms you need to know Unconsented: Not agreed to.  Harm: Physical or mental damage or injury. Offensive: Causing resentful displeasure; highly irritating, angering, or annoying. Grope: Unwelcome sexual touching. Excessive force: A force […]

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capacity to contract

Capacity To Contract – Contract Law

Contract Law Capacity To Contract The Main Elements Of A Legally Enforceable Contract The Offer Acceptance Intent Capacity Consent Consideration Legality Performance. Clever Content What does ‘Capacity’ to contract mean? Who does not have the capacity to contract? Infants / Minors Mental Incapacity. See our Clever Video below: Capacity To Contract What does ‘Capacity’ to […]

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contract offer

Contract Law: Offers – Revocation, Rejection, Counter Offer.

Contract Law The Offer – Revocation, Rejection and Counter Offer. Clever links See the following Clever Articles for more information: Contract Law – ‘Introduction’ ‘The Offer’ for ‘The Main Elements Of A Legally Enforceable Contract’. Clever Content Legal terms you need to know Revoking an offer Lapse of time Rejection and counter offer. Legal terms […]

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