Are humans becoming more intelligent or less intelligent? 

Intelligence is a complex trait influenced by various factors, and it’s challenging to measure and compare intelligence across different periods. While advancements in technology and access to information have undoubtedly expanded our knowledge base, they have also brought their fair share of challenges.

Critical Thinking

The ease of accessing information at our fingertips has made us more reliant on external sources, potentially affecting our critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. We’re becoming adept at retrieving information, but we may be losing the ability to truly think deeply and critically.

Attention Span

Our attention spans are shrinking in this fast-paced, digital age. We’re constantly bombarded with bite-sized information, sensational headlines, and instant gratification. This rapid-fire consumption of content can hinder our ability to engage in focused and sustained intellectual pursuits.

Capacity For Greatness

On the other hand, humans have accomplished remarkable feats throughout history. We’ve made scientific discoveries, developed intricate technologies, and crafted magnificent works of art. These achievements suggest that human intelligence has the capacity for greatness.


Ultimately, it’s important to recognize that intelligence is a multifaceted concept. While we may have advancements in certain areas, we may also have shortcomings in others. It’s not a simple case of becoming more or less intelligent but rather a nuanced interplay of various factors shaping our cognitive abilities.

So, whether we’re becoming more or less intelligent as a species is a matter of ongoing debate, and the answer likely lies somewhere in between. It’s up to us, as individuals, to cultivate and nurture our intellectual capacities and strive for continuous learning and growth in an increasingly complex world.

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