AI – How Will It Affect You?

AI has revolutionized many industries and is going to have an increasing impact on human life in the future. AI systems are becoming more sophisticated and, when combined with machine learning and automation, they can perform a wide range of tasks that were previously the domain of humans. This fast-paced development raises questions regarding the future of work, privacy, and what it means to be human.

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Human Redundancy

AI and associated robotics have already taken over tens of thousands of human jobs. One example is the main online-order distribution centers such as Amazon. These giant warehouses, once a hub of human activity are now eerily silent, except for the whirring motors of hundreds of delivery bots. See: Welcome to the automated warehouse of the future.

As AI capabilities develop, they will take over more than just routine jobs. Medical diagnosis is one of the areas under threat, with AI proving to be quicker and more accurate than humans when looking at past scans for cancerous cells and other ailments. Copy editors, filmmakers, and artists are already seeing significant changes in the job market, with millions of people being displaced.

You are reading an AI-generated article right now! 

Some experts argue that AI will create new jobs in new areas. However, AI is capable of designing and building new bots themselves. It can repair itself, and develop new systems… so what’s left for us?


Another potential effect of AI on humans is the erosion of privacy. As AI systems integrate into various aspects of daily life, they will continually collect data about us. This data will be, and already is, being used for advertising, government surveillance, and control. This raises concerns about human privacy and security.

There are many questions regarding how we should treat AI systems and whether they deserve certain moral and legal rights. There are also questions about the role of AI in society, such as whether it should be used for military purposes or to make decisions in areas such as healthcare, finance, and criminal justice.

The Future

Despite the many concerns, AI has the potential to bring about many benefits to humans. It is important to balance the promise of AI with the potential risks it poses and to ensure that new developments align with human values and ethical principles.


Careful monitoring of AI development is vital as its impact on society is already significant. According to The Guardian, a letter with 1,800 signatories – including Musk, the cognitive scientist Gary Marcus, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak – called for a six-month pause on developing systems “more powerful” than that of GPT-4. Engineers from Amazon, DeepMind, Google, Meta, and Microsoft also lent their support. 

Although there has been some doubt raised on the letter’s authenticity, it does reflect concerns being raised by some prominent people.

Written by a compilation of AI chatbots (Other than chat GTP to show you what the ‘lesser’ AI systems are already capable of) and compiled into this article.

Yes AI is already in your life much more than you think!

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