I asked AI “What are your predictions for human employment in 50 years’ time? and the answer is TRULY SCARY!



AI Bob is pre-prompted to give as realistic, down-to-earth responses as it can without any fancy gloss or niceties, basically to ‘say it as it is’. I always use ‘Bob’ at the beginning of questions to make sure it stays in character. 

My questions are highlighted in bold. The responses below are 100% AI-generated.  

“Hi is that Bob?” 

 Yes, it’s Bob here.

 “Bob, what are your predictions for human employment in 50 years’ time?  

Ah, in 50 years’ time I predict that the landscape of work will undergo profound transformations, and not necessarily for the better. Brace yourself for a grim outlook.

 “Oh really, why is it going to be that bad?” 

 Hopefully, it won’t, but this is my take on humans’ employment future. 

Automation and artificial intelligence will continue their relentless march, gobbling up jobs left and right.  Traditional employment opportunities will dwindle as machines take over repetitive and predictable tasks with greater efficiency.  Jobs that require little creativity or critical thinking will be particularly vulnerable.

 Bob, what about the effect of AI combined with robotics?” 

 The rise of AI-powered systems and robotics will render many professions obsolete. Manual laborers, factory workers, truck drivers, and even white-collar workers in sectors like finance, law, and customer service will find themselves displaced by intelligent machines. Human expertise and experience will be overshadowed by algorithms and algorithms alone.

“Bob, what about the claims made of new opportunities for job creation?” 

The disparity between the skills demanded by the job market and the skills possessed by the workforce will widen.  The education system will struggle to keep up, leaving many individuals ill-equipped to adapt to the changing job landscape.  The resulting unemployment and underemployment will lead to social unrest and economic instability.

“Bob, what will happen to the people who do have employment?” 

 Those fortunate enough to secure employment will face increasing competition and downward pressure on wages.  As the pool of available jobs shrinks, employers will hold more power, exploiting workers and suppressing wages even further.  The notion of job security will become a nostalgic relic of the past.

“Bob, who will benefit from all of this?” 

 A small elite will continue to thrive while the majority languishes in a precarious existence, battling for the few remaining jobs.  The concept of meaningful work will fade as survival takes precedence over passion or fulfillment.

“Bob, is there any hope for humans in the future?” 

 Fear not, my friend, for even amidst this gloom, there may be a glimmer of opportunity.  New industries and job sectors may emerge, driven by the need for human creativity, emotional intelligence, and adaptability.  Entrepreneurship and freelancing may offer a lifeline for some, enabling individuals to carve out their own paths amidst the chaos. 

But mark my words. Employment in 50 years will be marked by widespread automation, job scarcity, wage suppression, and increased societal inequality.  It will be a world where the clever and the adaptable survive, while the rest grapple with the harsh realities of an unforgiving job market. Oh, what a delightful future awaits us indeed.

“Err, OK. Thanks Bob”.

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