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  • Answering Short Essay Questions – How To Get An A
    Do you find writing short answers and short essay exams difficult? Read on to find out how to prepare for and answer this type of question […]
  • Communication Skills – BUSINESS WRITING For Success
    Many people start business writing without fully considering what they want to achieve. Understanding the purpose of your message before you begin writing is a vitally […]
  • What Is Culture?
    Definition According to merriam-webster dictionary culture is: The customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group. Also: the characteristic features of […]
  • What Is Cultural Anthropology?
    Cultural anthropology (also known as sociocultural anthropology) is the scientific study of the cultural, social, biological, and environmental aspects of human life from the past to […]
  • What Is Anthropology?
    Anthropology comes from the Greek meaning for ‘the study of humans –  “anthropos” (humans) and “logia” (study). Anthropologists study not only human species but also primates […]
  • Why Is Effective Business Communication Important?
    What Is Business Communication? Business communication is the sending and receiving of effective communications within a corporation, organization, or business. Effective business communication is essential for the […]

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  • Why Are Human Rights Violations Increasing?
    There are many reported violations of human rights around the globe. These violations may be against civil and political rights, economic rights, and social and […]
  • What Are Human Rights?
    Human rights are the rights we are born with, they are not given to us by governments or appointed officials. They are the fundamental rights […]
  • Why Is The Cost Of Living Rising and What Is National Debt?
    What Is National Debt? National debt – also known as public, government, or sovereign debt is money owed by a central government to its creditors. […]
  • What Is Inflation?
    What Is A Good Inflation Rate? To help maintain financial stability and future planning, the UK and U.S. Governments aim for an inflation rate of […]
  • Is Supermarket Meat Killing You? Cancer and E250
    How Fresh Is Fresh? According to the Daily Mail:  ‘Fresh’ can be used to describe food that has been heat-treated, part frozen, industrially or chemically […]