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Introduction To Legal Systems

What Is The Purpose Of Law and Legal Systems? The main function of law is to: Keep the peace Shape […]

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The Rule Of Law – What Is It – Why Is It Important?

The rule of law provides the framework to ensure a balanced, fair and peaceful society by ensuring that justice is […]

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National Debt – How’s Your Country Doing In The Race To The Bottom?

What Is National Debt?  National debt – also known as public, government, or sovereign debt is money owed by a […]

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Inflation – What Is It And Why You Should Be Worried

Inflation is the rate of price increase over time. It is used to show the overall increase in prices/cost of […]

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What Is Law?

What Is Law? Law and legal issues appear every day in the news, movies, sitcoms and comedy shows. It is […]

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Law Enforcement, Purpose – Officers Duties and Conduct

Law Enforcement – Purpose The purpose of law enforcement is to maintain order within the community. The rule of law […]

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Cancer and E250 – Processed meat is killing you!

How Fresh Is Fresh? How fresh is your supermarket meat? According to the Daily Mail:  ‘Fresh’ can be used to […]

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What Is Leadership, Maximising The Efforts Of Others & Collaboration

Leadership is similar to a conductor who leads an orchestra. They don't play all the instruments, they direct from the front and let the individual make the music.

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How to lead others – 6 skills you need to be a great leader

We applied our Clever logic to the question of ‘What makes a good leader?’ and came up with the 6 […]

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How To Start A Business With Minimal Funds

There are many options available for modern-day entrepreneurs and the good news is that nowadays, the greatest difficulty to getting your new business venture off the ground is more about getting things moving than it is about getting financing.

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The Meaning of Life – How To Find Yours

The question of what is the meaning (or purpose) of life has been considered by philosophers since the beginning of […]

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Express Warranty – Making a Claim

What Is An Express Warranty? An express warranty is a clearly stated (Expressed) statement of fact or promise made by the […]

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