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What Is Law

What is law? Law is a set of enforceable rules and regulations that govern the behavior of individuals, and institutions […]

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what is culture

What Is Culture?

Definition According to merriam-webster dictionary culture is: The customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or […]

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What is anthrapology

What Is Anthropology?

Anthropology comes from the Greek meaning for ‘the study of humans –  “anthropos” (humans) and “logia” (study). Anthropologists study not […]

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What Is Leadership?

Leadership is similar to a conductor who leads an orchestra. They don’t play all the instruments, they direct from the front and let the individual make the music.

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minimal funds

How To Start A Business With Minimal Funds

There are many options available for modern-day entrepreneurs and the good news is that nowadays, the greatest difficulty to getting your new business venture off the ground is more about getting things moving than it is about getting financing.

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