Property Law

Property Law – Clever Introduction

Property Law – Introduction Clever Content What is property? Tangible Intangible property. What are the 2 main classifications of property? Real Property Fixtures and fittings Personal Property What are Chattels? Wasting Chattels Non-wasting chattels Can people be property? What is ownership? Who is the ‘owner’ of property? What is mislaid property? What is lost property? […]

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7 Categories Of Intentional Tort – Business Law

The Seven Categories Of Intentional Tort Clever Content What Is A Tort? What Is An Intentional Tort? What Is Negligence? What Are The Seven Categories Of Intentional Tort? What Is A Tort? A ‘Tort’ is a private or civil wrong, which has been carried out against a person or their property. Tort law allows a […]

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What Is Property – Business Law – Introduction

INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS LAW Property Cleverness In This Article What is property? What is ownership What are property rights? Why are property rights important? What types of property are there? What Is Property? Property is not just something you can see, hold or touch. It may be a tangible (physical) item such as a car […]

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