How To Answer Law Questions

As you study business law you will need to complete some legal questions or case-studies. When you analyze a case or business question we recommend that you use the following Clever process: The following process, I.R.A.C, provides a framework for organizing the facts of a case so that you will be able to answer to […]

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Legal Terms

Legal Terms You Should Know

Why Is Understanding Business Law Terms Important? Lawyers use many specialized words and terms. Some words have a different meaning in legal terms to the same words when used in normal everyday conversation. It is, therefore, important to have an understanding of the main legal terms, especially if you become involved in the legal system. […]

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What Is Jurisprudence?

What Is ‘Jurisprudence’? Jurisprudence is the study or science of law. In the U.S. it commonly means the philosophy of law and aims to reveal the historical, moral, and cultural basis of law and legal reasoning. Why Is Jurisprudence Important? Jurisprudence is important for understanding: 1) The purpose and justification for legislation. 2) The thinking applied […]

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Business Law

What Is Law?

What is ‘Law’? We are faced with references to ‘Law’ and ‘Legal Issues’ nearly everyday in the news, movies and even sit-coms and comedy shows. It is an important part of our daily life as it controls what we can and cannot do in our general life as well as business. As ‘Law’ is such […]

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Clever Leaders need E.I. – 5 Clever Steps To Develop Yours.

Clever Leaders must be able to inspire others with their vision. They must be able to communicate clear goals and motivate their teams. They must understand and support their teams so that they can achieve their best; …for more on what a Clever Leader needs see Top 10 Clever Leadership Skills You Need. All leaders […]

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clever computer

Clever Ways To Make Life Organized

There is a saying “Work smarter, not harder” which perfectly describes the subject of this article. We all want to be clever at some point in our lives. This is because we realize that being clever gets our work done quicker and easier which means we have more time for the fun stuff. Over time, […]

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Leadership skills

Top 10 Clever Leadership Skills You Need

A Clever Leader must be able to inspire others with their vision. They must be able to motivate others to work at their best to achieve a common goal. How do they do this? We have summarised the research, articles and expert opinions to boil this often contested subject area down to its 10 essential […]

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What is Leadership?

Leadership is often a contested subject. has taken the time to look into the various views and give to you a Clever summary. Leadership is a process of social influence. The influence part of this statement is important as a leader needs to be able to influence others to follow them or to help […]

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Business Corporations – Business Entities

A corporation is a legal entity in its own right and is separate from the individuals working within or owning it. A corporation is considered to be a legal ‘person’. They can hold property in their own name and can sue and be sued.  Publicly Held and Closed Corporations. Publicly held corporations are owned by shareholders […]

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Limited Liability

Limited Liability Company (LLC) – Business Entities

Limited Liability Company (LLC) This is similar to a limited partnership, and gives owners limited liability but has some of the capital income advantages of a partnership. There are no restrictions on the number of members and investors can share in the management of the business. The letters LLC must be included in the business […]

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